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Grandmaster J.H. Jeong

Grandmaster J.H. Jeong has enjoyed a very successful career as a Tae Kwon Do artist on both on a national and international level and on a grand scale. Grandmaster Jae Jeong has been studying Tae Kwon Do for over 30 years and graduated from the prestigious Yong In University in South Korea's capital of Seoul with a major in Tae Kwon Do Kwon Do.

Having showed extreme progress and talent as a young Tae Kwon Do martial artist, Grandmaster Jeong entered numerous competitions in his youth and became the five time national champion in his native land of Korea. This would open up a whole new world of possibilities for this gifted master. Grandmaster Jeong later became the founder and head coach of the "Korean Tigers" a Tae Kwon Do demonstration team that has "awed audiences" for years.

For he past 20 years Grandmaster Jeong has been sharing his talents with audiences, fellow martial artists and martial arts connoisseurs in the 10 years Grandmaster Jeong has been sharing his special gift of knowledge and experience with his students exclusively through hi two conveniently located schools on 1141 Main Street, (Webster Square) in Worcester, and 370 Boston Turnpike (RTE 9) in Shrewsbury.

As if all this wasn't enough, Grandmaster Jae Jeong is not only Korea's five time National Champion, his is also a 8th Degree (WTF) Black Belt. Grandmaster Jeong is President of the New England Tae Kwon Do Association, and has been part of the U.S. Open Championships. U. S. Tae Kwon Do Center is Olympic Sanctioned (certified).

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