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U.S. Tae Kwon Do Demo Team

Our schools Demonstration Team is a tremendous opportunity for both children and adults to train and work together as a team. This team is not about showing off; the purpose of this demo team is to empower people’s lives through the demonstration of unique martial art skills and creative choreography.

Demo TeamThis ranges from the tradition, the speed, the power, and the etiquette of the old and the new. You must experience the ups and downs of physical training as a team and know that your unconditional love for Tae Kwon Do is growing together.

Those who are members of this team have proven that they are ready to represent our school and live by and display our 5 Aims of Tae Kwon Do in their everyday life. As you can come to understand from reading this it takes a special kind of person to be a demo team member you must put the better of the team before yourself. So you have to ask yourself is it in you to be a member of the original Extreme Sport?

USTC Demonstration Team Appearances

  • Spirit of Shrewsbury Parade
  • Coolidge School in Shrewsbury
  • Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Festival
  • Spencer County Fair
  • The Summer Nationals at Green Hill Park
  • Worcester Common Fashion Outlets
  • Korean American War Veterans Association
  • Shrewsbury’s Coolidge School
  • Worcester Asian Festival
  • Umass Shrewsbury Walk For Cancer
  • Dean Park in Shrewsbury
  • Umass Medical School International Festival
  • Marlboro High School
  • Shrewsbury’s Sherwood School
  • Shrewsbury’s Oak Middle School
  • St. Mary’s School in Shrewsbury
  • St. Bernadette School in Northborough
  • Gates Lane School in Worcester


  • 2014 ATU National Championships 2nd Place out of 16
  • 2012 USTF Championships 1st Place
  • 2010 Undefeated in New England
  • 2007 “Best Breaking Award” at The Greater MSTA Championship
  • Winner of 2006 "Best Teamwork" Award at the MA State TKD Championships


If you would like to book the U.S. Tae Kwon Do Center Demo Team for your event please contact us at (508) 767-1717 or (508) 792-5534. 

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